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What clients are saying:

Since working with Dr. Cates on my gut health, my pain, brain fog and fatigue have improved.
Client with Fibromyalgia

The RESET Method has improved my digestive issues and fatigue.
Satisfied Client

After starting my daughter on antimicrobial herbs & a quality probiotic she is no longer complaining of constant tummy aches.
Grateful Mother

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Cultivate Health & Wellness was created to partner with you on your wellness journey. Optimal health, not just the absence of illness, is often a process and something that you will continue to work on and nurture along the way. Our goal is to provide information and support for you along the way. One way we are able to support you is through healing your gut. By addressing nutritional deficiencies, inflammation, environmental and lifestyle factors, many health conditions can be reversed or greatly improved. The root cause of many health concerns can be linked to the gut microbiome which is why resetting your gut health is a primary focus of our program.

Interviewing Angela at GO SOLO: 

RESET Your Gut Health – Cultivate Health & Wellness


Interested in starting your own entrepreneurial journey in health and wellness but unsure what to expect?

Then read up on our interview with Angela Cates, Founder of Cultivate Health & Wellness, located in Marion, IN, USA.