Angela Cates, PharmD, BCPS, CFMP

Hi, I’m Dr. Angela Cates, pharmacist, and certified functional medicine practitioner.

Over the years working with clients, I have recognized that each person has unique needs and genetic variability affecting their health.   I founded Cultivate Health & Wellness with a focus on the gut-brain connection to offer clients a personalized approach to health and partner with them on their journey to optimal wellness.  

I know what it feels like to be sick and tired of being sick and tired.  After years of stress and fatigue with frequent headaches, GI issues, and weight gain, I decided it was time to find out what was really going on.  By assessing my gut microbiome and addressing the underlying issues in my gut, I have been able to eliminate headaches and fatigue, decrease anxiety and inflammation, and lose weight, but most importantly feel my best so I have energy to do what I love! This sparked my interest in the power of healing the gut microbiome and led me to create my signature RESET Your Gut Health Program.

After walking with my son on his mental health journey, I realized the need for treatment options beyond medication for mental health.  I am passionate about sharing what I have learned and partnering with parents of children and teens to identify and reverse the underlying causes of their child’s anxiety and depression.

Heather Richey

Hi, I’m Heather Richey nutritionist and physical therapy assistant.

As a physical therapy assistant, I have worked in the world of recovery after injury and seen firsthand the limitations of the body as a whole and the difficulties of recovery on more than an injury site but the mental and physical aspect. I have seen people struggle to meet their goals of decreased pain and functional mobility and listened as the list of medications and sufferings pile on top of each other.

Often the missing link to making progress and healing, not only the outside but the inside as well, is what is being put in the body. This is one of the reasons I went back to school to become a nutritionist, to be able to meet people where they are in all walks of life.

As a triathlete and mom, I know that food is fuel and food is medicine, and in order to perform at your best, you have to eat what is best for YOUR body. I believe everyone should be treated as an individual, and there is no one size fits all program. My goal is to give you the tools you need to improve the way you feel both mentally and physically with the help of food.

Let’s work together to make you an advocate for you!

Cultivate Health & Wellness

Cultivate Health & Wellness uses an integrative approach, with a focus on the gut microbiome, nutrition, genomics, and mindfulness to optimize wellness.
Optimal health, not just the absence of illness, is often a process and something that you will continue to work on and nurture along the way. Our goal is to provide information and support on your journey.
Our packages were created to support you through healing your gut and improving your nutrition. By addressing nutritional deficiencies, inflammation, environmental and lifestyle factors, many health conditions can be reversed or greatly improved. The root cause of many health concerns can be linked to the gut microbiome which is why resetting your gut health is a primary focus of our program.

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