A caregiver is defined as anyone who gives help to someone in need of care.  This can include an ill spouse, an aging parent, or child with special needs, among others.  Most caregivers are unpaid family or friends providing full-time or part-time care.   It is estimated that 14% of American adults serve as a caregiver for another adult.

Being a caregiver can be a blessing and bring a sense of satisfaction, but it can also stressful, especially for those balancing other responsibilities such as a job and family.  Caregivers can become so consumed caring for their loved one that they neglect their own wellbeing.   It is important as a caregiver to take care of your health and wellbeing to avoid emotional and physical fatigue known as caregiver burnout.   Left unchecked, caregiver burnout can lead to serious health risks, but with help and support this can be avoided.

One of the many responsibilities of a caregiver often includes medication management.  Managing medications is a time consuming and significant responsibility contributing to caregiver stress and burden.  A consultation with a pharmacist can provide solutions to ease this burden.  Potential solutions may include compliance pill packaging, a medication organizer, or pillbox with alarm reminder.

Take the Caregiver Self-Assessment below to check in on your wellbeing, and set up a pharmacist consultation to find ways to simplify medication management!


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