Functional Medicine is an approach to health that considers the root cause of the symptoms and looks at each patient as an individual, considering their genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors.  This allows for a very personalized treatment plan to facilitate optimal wellness.

In contrast to conventional medicine, where a patient with symptoms such as depression, high blood pressure or acid reflex, is diagnosed as having a specific condition and likely treated with medication, the Functional Medicine approach looks at the body as an interconnected system and digs deep to determine the cause or causes of disease for that individual patient.

As a pharmacist I understand that medications can have great benefit but also risks.  By identifying the root or underlying cause of disease many chronic conditions can be addressed without the use of medication.

Poor gut health is a common root cause to many health conditions.  By addressing nutritional deficiencies, inflammation, environmental and lifestyle factors, many conditions can be reversed or greatly improved.


This infographic helps to explain some of the terms used to describe different forms of medicine.  There can be overlap, but there are distinct features to each.